Blizzard Bag Assignments

Blizzard Bag Assignment

#1 A Look at New Hampshire Government

Your assignment will be to familiarize yourself with the New Hampshire Government website by going on a quest that researches the three branches of New Hampshire government.  As you navigate through the site you will learn about the state branches and what resources are available to you as a citizen.

Feel free to ask for help as you may need it as you complete this assignment.  You will begin with the Executive Branch and work your way through all three branches.

Good Luck and Begin your Exploration!  Ms. N.
Here is the document site you may use to fill in your answers.
Executive Branch

1. Who is the governor of New Hampshire and how many years has he/she served?

2. What is unique about New Hampshire’s Executive branch?

3. What is the Abandoned Property Division a part of?

4. How many members are in the Executive Council? Who is our district councilor?

5. What act increases registration and monitoring requirements for sex offenders, and provides the public with more information and toughens sentences on child predators?

6.Until what age can someone stay on their parent’s health insurance in NH?

7. When did the executive council begin?

8. Who elects the New Hampshire Governor and council?

9. T or F New Hampshire has the most democratic form of executive government in the nation. Explain your answer.

10. Who is now the head of the executive council?

NH Legislative Branch

1. How many legislators does New Hampshire have?

2. How many Republicans, Democrats, or Other, are members of the New Hampshire Senate?

3. Who are the majority and minority leaders in the NH House and Senate?

4. How many senate and representative districts does NH have?

5.Who are the senators and representatives that represent your town?

6. How much are New Hampshire Senators paid yearly?

7. How many committees are there? Name two of them.

8. In the New Hampshire Senate, who is responsible for and provides information on bill status and voting records?

9. True or False? New Hampshire’s legislature a bicameral legislature?

10. When was the New Hampshire Constitution ratified?

Judicial Branch

1. Who is the chief justice of NH?

2. How are the courts divided?

3. What does the Judicial Conduct Committee do?

4. How many court justices are in the NH Supreme Court?

5. Where is NH’s Supreme Federal court located?

6. What is the Superior Court?

7. How many types of courts are there?

8. What are the types of courts?

9. How many courts are located in the state of NH?

10. How many people does the Judicial Branch employ?

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